Top 10 Biggest Blowouts In The Super Bowl

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When the two best NFL teams square off in the biggest annual sporting event, one would expect games to be closely contested. However, this isn’t always the case. Occasionally, a lesser team will be blown out by its opposition. Here are the Top 10 biggest blowouts to occur in the Super Bowl.

10. Super Bowl 29: 49ers def. Chargers 49-26 (23 Points)

steve young blow out

9. Super Bowl Packers def. Chiefs 35-10 (25  Points)

first bowl

T-7. Super Bowl Ravens def. Giants 34-7 (27  Points)

ravens superbowl

T-7. Super Bowl Bucaneers def. Raiders 48-21 (27  Points)

bucs blowout

6. Super Bowl Raiders def. Redskins 38-9 (29  Points)

super bowl

5. Super Bowl Redskins def. Broncos 42-10 (32  Points)

redskins image

T-3. Super Bowl Cowboys def. Bills 52-17 (35  Points)

aikman image

T-3. Super Bowl Seahawks def. Broncos 43-8 (35  Points)

blowout image

2. Super Bowl Bears def. Patriots 46-10 (36  Points)

super blowout image

1. Super Bowl 49ers def. Broncos 55-10 (45  Points)

super bowl blowout image


Thanks for reading, and we hope your favorite team wasn’t on the receiving end of one of these beatdowns! Feel free to suggest more list ideas in the comments below.


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